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On A Happier Note

Saturday, June 26th

Melrose Memorial Hall

590 Main St., Melrose, MA

Our recital has been divided into 5 groups: A-E.  To find out which group your dancer is in, click on the icon below to view a chart organized by the day your child's class meets weekly.  Please be sure to know which group each of your dancer's routines is in so that you attend the correct dress rehearsal and order tickets to the correct recital group.  

Recital Groups by Class Day

Recital Group Line-Ups


Melrose Memorial Hall

Monday, June 21st:

Group C:  3:30 - 5:15
Group D:  5:30 - 7:15 
Group E:  7:30 - 8:45

Tuesday, June 22nd:

A:  3:30 - 4:30 
B:  4:45 - 6:00
E:  6:15 - 8:15



Melrose Memorial Hall

Saturday, June 26th

Group A:   9:00 

Group B:   9:45 

Group C:   10:45 

Group D:   12:00 

Group E:   1:15

*Times listed above are start times.  Please plan to arrive 20 minutes prior to start.  

Click the attachment icon below to view a chart (organized by class day) to find out which shoes and tights your dancer needs for the recital. 


Click HERE to enter our online store. Orders will be handed out in class.  

Shoes/Tights Chart


The majority of our older students are 

borrowing their costumes. 

Costume return at TDS:

Monday, June 28  4-7 PM

Tuesday, June 29  10AM - 12PM

Please have costumes organized, in garment bags if they were originally in a garment bag and remove all safety pins.  Simply pull into the parking lot and a staff member will come out to get your costumes. 

If you cannot make it to the studio on 6/28 or 6/29, please email us to make other arrangements.  

Classes returning their costumes:

Monday classes:
Acro 3

Acro 4

Magical MT

Tap Int

Hip Hop Int

Tap Adv

Tuesday classes:
Ballet 3

Jazz 3

Hip Hop Adv

Lyrical Int

Ballet Int

Lyrical 2 - Tues + Wed

Jazz Int

Wednesday and Thursday classes:

Jazz 1

Acro 2

Tap 2

Ballet + Pointe Adv

Ballet 2 - Wed + Thurs

Jazz 2 - Wed + Thurs

Pointe Int


Jazz Adv 



If your child's class is not listed above, they are keeping their costumes.  


Click the attachment icons below to download and print the Recital or Team Showcase Ticket order forms.  Send forms and payments with your student.  Cash or Check ONLY, please.   

Payable to: The Dancing School 

Recital Tickets
Team Showcase Tickets

Parents:  Please review ticket ordering rules and instructions in your email.  Due to restrictions, only parents or caregivers of current students can order tickets.  


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