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2021-2022 Class Schedule






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**Students ages 9+ who may be new to TDS or returning after a break should email the studio for class suggestions before registering.


Our tuition is based on a 6 payment scale.  The payments are due monthly in Sept, Oct, Nov, Jan, Feb, March.  (No payment due in December.)  However, each payment is worth about 6 weeks of classes.  As an example, if your child were to take one 1-hr class a week, your tuition would be $95 per payment.  If you added a second 1-hr class (for the same dancer or a sibling), that class would be $90 per payment.  Therefore, your total payment for 2 classes per month would be $185.  At the time of registration, you will only be charged the one-time fee of $25.   We will later send you a confirmation of your classes along with a calculation of your tuition.  For assistance with figuring out your projected tuition before registering, please email us.


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