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TDS Home Studio

During this time that the studio is shut down, we feel it is important to keep our kids moving, learning,

and motivated.


We will be updating this page as we find or create content that we hope your kids will enjoy.

Don't forget to check your portal for your recital music and a video to help you practice.

Be well and keep dancing!

End of Season Zoom Performances

for Younger Students

Websites with Online Classes 

My Online Dance Teacher

Classes for most genres -- Ages 7 and up

CLI Studios

Classes for most genres -- Ages 12 and up

See email for sign in info or

free evening classes

Stay in Touch 

Our students who are on social media or have phones have been able to keep in touch with us.  If any of our students who do not have access to those would like to send an email or note to say "hi," we would  love that!  Miss Jess, Jenn, and Kerry get the TDS emails, but we are happy to pass them on to the other teachers too! We will also be checking the mailbox a couple times a week.  

Send us an email.

Exercise Videos for Older Students

Miss Ashley's Yoga Series

Yoga Series 1

Yoga Series 2


Yoga Series 3


Yoga Series 4

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